DPV marine construction has been a leading designer and manufacturer of steel plants & rigging facilities across the gulf region.

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Our Expertise:

  • Designing & engineering onshore and offshore facilities
  • Engineering and project services in connection with concept development, detail planning & implementation of both land based and sea based structures.
  • Vessels for heavy lifting of equipment for bridge and causeway projects etc., including sheerlegs, jack-up barges, modular jack-up barges, crane barges, and pilling barges
  • Dredgers for port construction, land  reclamation, harbor maintenance, and river channel widening including trailer suction hopper dredgers, backhoe or dipper dredgers, split hopper barges, bottom dumping barges, and straight-forward hopper barges
  • Support vessels including tugs, Shoalbusters, multicats, flat-top barges, pilot & guard vessels, DP vessels, and crew transfer vessels
  • Specialist accommodation vessels  for specific projects including jack-ups floating accommodation vessels
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